Storage Node : Code Revision History

  • This page tracks all code changes and revisions made to storage node code.

    28 Feb 2019

    • Auto Add Database bug fix for Joomla
    • Logging - minor fix

  • 4 March 2019

    • Optimization in backup download/upload(restore) for FTP(S)/SFTP. With latency distance(between storage node and hosting server) of 25ms, a drop of few seconds per download file, in backup was found. That is a major performance boost.
    • Logging changes
    • Minor Bug fixes


    BountySite backup first generates a list of filenames modified/added/deleted, before performing a backup. During backup, files to be downloaded are scattered across different directories. By piggybacking all files in each directory bucket, downloads are now faster.

    This change does not have any impact on the hosting server. BountySite continues to be light weight for hosting server.

  • 14 March 2019

    • BackBlaze integration requirements - Setting up user agent and others for B2 integration submission
    • ValidateFTP credentials : Print appropriate message for case where credentials is right, but document root directory is wrong.
    • GoDaddy Managed wordpress - Docroot is default home dir. Bug fix in crawling

  • 15 March 2019

    • Major Change in DB backup mode. Explicit definition of backup mode. More efficient ssh tunnel to backup database.
    • Validation Mysql - Optimized validation

  • 19 March 2019

    • Mysql Direct on custom port: MySQL dump now works on customer mysql port. MySQL restore also works on custom ports.
    • Fallback local log : For RemoteLog, if destination server is unavailable, log to local sqlite : Bug fix

  • 20 March 2019

    • Backup Sync : Backup Sync for Wasabi needs region param explicitly defined for transferring backup archive. Tested working fine.

  • 21 March 2019

    • Backup Sync to BackBlaze: Bug fix: Error in verify credentials. When giving only Write access to an application key, error in list_buckets.
      Added v2 compatibility.

  • 23 May 2019

    • Blacklist: Centralized blacklisting manager with caching ;
    • Staging backup mode - Allow running backup from staging mode. Backup/Restore allowed on staging node
    • FTP Major bug fixes
    • Yara rule bug fix
    • RuleCommander : bug fixes

  • 03 June 2019

    • Rule optimizations : Now run specific rule sets on multiple file mime types
    • Malicious files for all sites are aggregated centrally, available on control panel

  • 09 July 2019

    • Rule Optimization : Major overhaul to improve performance and speed in rule engine
    • Clamav bug fix
    • Minor bug fixes

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