BountySite - Partner Features

  • BountySite Partner Features

    Apart from adding value and revenue, here are some key features:-

    • Sell all website backup packages
    • Use BountySite storage or build you own storage
    • With "Build you own Storage"
      • Design your own plans
      • Price independently
      • Market, Sell and Support your customers
      • Build custom storage with compliance standards
      • Run your own anti virus subscription
    • Multi user login with RBACL
    • Concierge service for site owners
    • Configure concurrency limit per IP address per hour
    • View Backup and Rule Log to provide customer support
    • Continuous File Monitoring with cpanel plugin
    • Provisioning API to integrate with existing billing system
    • WHMCS plugin available for BountySite
    • With custom storage build, price and market backup services independently
    • Add a layer of security to Hosting infrastructure
    • With Enterprise plan, never loose backup data
    • Never let site get blacklisted
    • Optional chat support in control panel
    • Keep your customers happier
    • Increase revenue with existing customer base
    • Lots of exciting features coming soon

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