BountySite Site Owner - Control Panel Features

  • Here are some of the features built on Control Panel of BountySite, for end site owners.


    • Backup Site using FTP, FTPS and SFTP
    • Mysql DB Backup
      • Direct Mysqldump
      • Backup over ssh tunnel, if backup protocol is SFTP
      • Backup securely over PHP, using MysqlOverPHPS script
    • Simple backup configuration with verification
    • View backup history for web/database
    • Single page easy restore for web and database to a previous revision.
    • web and db are revisioned independently
    • Download specific snapshot for web/database
    • View Backup File Change history for every backup
    • Manage multiple database backups, for one database host for a site, based on package chosen


    • Backup Dashboard overview
      • web/database backup history
      • time taken for web/database backup
      • number of files modified/deleted/added
      • file count by mime type
      • bytes backed in web/database backup
      • short summary of recent file changes
      • average monthly uploads
      • number of snapshots
      • disk usage and usage vs allotted ratio
      • total file count
      • maintenance notice for used services

    Operating Modes

    • Backup Operating Modes
      • Active - default backup mode
      • Development - no mail notifications for site file changes
      • Disaster Recovery - backup from Disaster Recovery mode, instead of actual Hosting Server
      • Stable - Auto revert file changes to a specific file revision
      • Disabled - disable backup
    • Choose stable revision with Stable Operating mode, to disallow site file changes

    RBACL - Multi user account

    • Multi user account with RBACL(Role Based Access Control) - meaning delegate sub tasks to other users. Access levels as below:-
      • Allow view dashboard
      • Allow manage backup
      • Allow manage users
      • Allow restore
      • Allow manage security packages
      • Allow manage disaster recovery packages
      • Allow to buy packages
      • Allow to view access logs
      • Allow to view backup logs
      • Allow view billing
      • Allow support tickets
      • Allow view notifications (and receive mail)
    • Disable sub user login

    Concierge Services

    • Authorize service provider/partner to login into your account, for concierge

    Time Machine

    • Traverse through files using File Browser; Time Travel to past
    • File Explorer - For individual file:-
      • view used space
      • view modification time
      • restore to specific version
      • download
      • view file change history
    • Restore web/database individually
    • View modification history for individual file
    • View file diff for changes to a specific text file
    • Individual file restore/download

    Logs & Notifications

    • View Control Panel access logs to track setting changes, and downloadable
    • View Backup log history and downloadable in csv, html, json and xml formats
    • Backup log bug status feature to track of bug fixes, for specific unhandled exceptions
    • Notification message read tracking per sub user
    • Notifications via mail and control panel
      • Backup file changes
      • Provisioning notification
      • Backup failures and more
      • Disabling backup
    • Pay per usage billing model. No storing credit card

    Other Features

    • Instant Provisioning post payment
    • Paypal payment integration
    • Automated backend tracking for any control panel exceptions
    • Easily switch sites using site dropdown
    • Documentation corresponding to every page
    • Backup API Key ACL to manage backups externally
    • View time in local timezone, instead of default GMT
    • Advanced Login Security
      • Enable Two Step Authentication - receive token in email for login
      • Allow login from specific IP ranges - allow login from specific source IP/networks only
      • Allow login from specific country - lookup IP and find country for login request
    • Multi-Currency support

    Several fine grained features more. Sign up to know more.

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