BountySite 2019 - Launch

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2019 Year to all of you!

    We are a security startup launched in March 2015, Chennai. BountySite is built to provide true SECaaS(SECurity as a Service) for web hosting providers.

    BountySite backups websites and runs security scans on offline backup data. Backup storage set across the globe, separated from the Control Panel, and can be communicated over SSL REST API only. BountySite platform can scale horizontally, with thousands of sites per storage node. With Bounty Security model, we charge 1$(with max cap of 5$ per year) for every threat detected, and optional applicable patch, making it a true SECaaS.

    BountySite constantly researches to categorize files and catches the malwares and threats.
    We are currently offering Bounty Security and Security Patches for free.

    There are plethora of features available. Sign up and use our services to know more.

    Services Offered

    • Website Backup
      • Enterprise plan - < 1$/GB/site/pm
      • Economy plan - < 1$/2GB/site/pm
      • Free plan - limited offer - 1GB Backup space
    • Bounty Security - Free
    • Security Patch - Free
    • Backup Sync(replicate backup copy with all revisions to site owner's Backup Cloud account) - 1$/GB/site/pm
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Continuous File Monitoring(Inotify based backup service) - Free for partners

    Coming soon

    • Automated Security Assessment - starting 199$/site
    • Application Security - starting 999$/site

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