How can Hosting Providers add value and revenue with BountySite?

  • BountySite was primarily designed for Hosting Providers to add a layer of security to their hosting infrastructure. BountySite has several other features to add value and revenue for Hosting providers. Here are some them:-

    • Website Time Machine : BountySite maintains revisions of websites to allow unlimited snapshots without exponential storage requirements. Blacklist monitoring and optimize pagespeed is part of the backup. Plethora of features can be found here. Hosting providers can provide with their own customized storage solution with independent pricing. Design, price, market and support own Backup service!

    • Backup Sync : Site owners can keep a copy of website snapshots to their own public cloud storage accounts. Currently supports any S3 compliant storage and BackBlaze. Hosting providers can also setup their own S3 storage, which can be managed by BountySite.

    • Security Bounty : Hosting providers can charge their customers for every vulnerable code detected by BountySite. Hosting providers can call it bounty or fine. Vulnerability with CVSSv3 score of 4 and above are only considered. We recommend charging 1$ for every vulnerability. This also protects the IP bucket that sites are hosted on.

    • Security Patches : BountySite also provides with security patches which can nullify exploits, without having to upgrade.

    • Application Security : BountySite provides automated security scanning for applications that don't use open source CMS. We perform testing on isolated environments only, as our scans are intrusive and automated. Hosting Providers can setup dedicated VPS for testing and charge site owners for the VPS. BountySite charges 49$ for every vulnerability detected.

    • Staging : BountySite provides with staging hosting environment for testing changes before implementing the changes on live. Making changes directly on live hosting environment can break the functionality of website. For example, a wordpress plugin may not work with an upgrade and can cause blank screen to appear.

    • Disaster Recovery : BountySite provides with automation needed for provisioning hosting accounts from backup, in case of hosting server downtime. This can help reduce site downtimes.

    • FileTrail : Full server backup at 1$, with file timeline. Server backup supports S3/B2 as storage backend. Hosting providers can offer storage for backups.

    • SSHTrail : SSHTrail is SSH Jumpbox which tracks all commands fired on a linux server. This is useful to keep track of all changes made on hosting server. Hosting provider can provide with dedicated or shared VPS as SSH Jumpbox.

    BountySite now offers all the above service as a fully private label platform. Contact us for pricing details.

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